Copper wire rod is used as raw material for the manufacturing of electric wire and cables and is produced by either our continuous casting or our oxygen-free continuous up-casting mills.

Roll threading process is used in order to form the threads on the rods. Which in turn provide the threads with the extra strength, that is required to eliminate the risk of chipping the threads while driving the rods in the ground.

These rods are formulated in two different manner- Externally threaded and internally threaded. Copper wire rods are usually used in the applications, where the corrosion factor is very high and exceptionally long life is required.

Key Benefits

  1. Improves Reliability
  2. Easy to join and install
  3. Provides Lower Impedance
  4. Wide range of sizes
  5. Increases Capacitance
  6. Improves Thermal Characteristics
  7. Long lasting and maintenance free
  8. Corrosion resistance

Variety Of Application

  • Electrical Industries
  • Engineering Industries
  • Motors
  • Household Electrical Appliances