Bare Copper Wire is used as a high quality electricity conductor in electronics & electrical appliances. Copper is considered as one of the best conductors of electricity. Hence, copper wires are used as the most preferred conductors in electrical devices.

Soft Drawn copper is unilay construction. Bare copper, solid or stranded. Available in tempers hard, medium-hard, or soft. Stranded conductors are concentrically stranded in hard and medium-hard tempers and are Combination Unilay stranded in the soft-drawn temper.

Due to so many advantages over other metal wire, bare copper wire is preferred in electrical and electronic industries. The wire is good conductor of electricity with high heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It’s easy to use and function well in extreme conditions preventing electrical issues.

Benefits of Bare Copper Wire:

  1. Many metals tend to tear off in high humidity and wet conditions. However, bare copper wire having high corrosion resistance can withstand extreme humid and wet conditions.
  2. Bare copper wire is always compatible in home usage. Most of the electrical appliances use copper wire, so it is important to use bare copper wire for home wiring. Otherwise, it can lead to fatal accidents if other metal wire is used as wiring.
  3. It is safe and reliable to use. Copper wire has a high melting point as a result it can withstand continuous high temperature without getting melted. This property can prevent unexpected accidents saving life and money.
  4. Due to ductility and malleability, it can be made thinner than a single strand of human hair and also twist & bend into any desirable shapes and sizes. The wire is easy to handle and can reach constricted areas without being damaged or broken.
  5. Bare copper wire is super flexible and possesses high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is cheaper than silver and can be used in varieties of industry like manufacturing, electrical, marine and telecom companies.
  6. After silver, copper wire is the best conductor of electricity which has made it popular in the electrical industry. It can handle huge loads of electricity without being damaged which helps to prevent overloading issues in heavy electrical applications. Moreover, it also has high heat resistance beneficial in extreme situations.
  7. Unlike other metal wires, bare copper wire is durable and long lasting. It does not become loose with time and need frequent repair. This makes it easy to work without unnecessary problems.


  • Electrical Contacts
  • Electrical Conductors
  • Switch Terminals
  • Electrical Circuits