The properties of Bunched Copper Wire are High electrical and thermal conductivity, highly flexible wires, Soft and annealed, highly conductive.

It is much easier to install bunched wire than solid wire due to the same cross-section. These wires have better resistance powers and they become harder when you bend them. Bunched copper wire can be used for various purposes like for speakers, for headphone cables, appliances, and automobiles, etc.

Features of bunched copper wire

  1. These wires are highly practical, hard and strong and users can benefit with its long service life.
  2. The bunched wires are more elastic than the bare copper wire and offer high tolerance without losing its shape easily. It is applied for joining two appliances and used in a loop form whenever the wire needs to be bent and designed into different shapes.
  3. They can be seen in use in industries like defence, aerospace, marine, pharmacy, biometrics in addition to the electric and electronic devices. The inaccuracy levels in the bunched wires are lower than 0.03%
  4. They do not lose their electromagnetic properties while under use. They are can provide the highest level of precision with zero tolerance.
  5. They are supple and can be customized to suit individual needs. It can be molded into any shape and form as per the specific requirements of the users.