These Wires offer high thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. High in strength, Polyester Film covered Copper Wires are highly durable and offer ease of fabricating, joining and forming.

Copper Earthing wires are used in HT and LT cables and wires, House wires, Cat Cable, Electrical Sector, Electronics, Power Generation Industries, Marine Sector, Communication Sector, and Construction Sector etc. and other majors relevant industries in India and world over.

Benifits of Copper Earthing Wires are

  1. Flexibility in moulding and stretching
  2. Excellent Electrical Conductivity
  3. Good Coefficient of thermal expansion
  4. Combination of Strength and Ductility
  5. Ease of installation
  6. Ability to solder
  7. Tensile Strength
  8. Thermal conductivity
  9. High Melting Point
  10. Corrosion Resistant